Under special consideration synchronization license fees and master usage of some of the music supplied by Blair Booth Music may be waived and considered free of charge.

Licenses for the use of our music and recordings must be obtained, prior to any exploitation, from The Mechanical Copyright Protection Society Ltd (MCPS), who are our sole licensors in the UK. Broadcast and public performance must be licensed through the Performing Right Society Ltd (PRS).

Anyone wishing to use Production Music must first sign up to the MCPS Code of Conduct, an agreement between MCPS and music users which defines the terms of how Production Music may be used and the procedure for making license applications. Signing up to the code can be done online and only needs be completed once per user.

You will be prompted to confirm that you have read and understood the terms and conditions and are willing to enter into the agreement the first time you use the AFML; subsequent applications will bypass this process.

Visit the AFML registration page once you have read the terms and conditions of The Code of Conduct below