Blair has written, recorded, played and sung for many notable artists over the years. She was asked by producer Bob Krausar to sing a duet with Marc Almond. Blair accepted and sang Madame de la Luna on Marc's album "Enchanted" for EMI records. The brief from Marc was to sound like angels, and so Blair orchestrated a beautiful 6 part vocal arrangement off the top of her head with no prior knowledge of the song. Quite remarkable.

Producer Bob Sargeant approached Blair about joining a band with Nick Heyward. Blair met Nick at The Roundhouse in Camden and eventually hit it off after a visit to a near by pub. Rehearsals were put in place in order to showcase and attract record company interest. Sony Columbia Division wanted to sign the band, although the band did not have a name, nor in fact did any of it's members wish to be signed to a record label except for Blair and Nick. Signing a record deal means you are owned exclusively to that label, this spells bad news for session players who like to run their lives independently in order to get work.

Nick and Blair signed to Sony. "From Monday to Sunday" was recorded at Pete Townshend's studio Eel Pye, but was later re-recorded and released after Blair had left Sony to sign to MCA Records with Oui 3. During the Heyward sessions Blair wrote, recorded and sang " The Usual", which has since been covered by Grethe Svensen on her hit album "Your Beauty" BMG Records.
At the time when Oui 3 had their hits, Blair was asked to be a featured vocalist on Rachid Taha's Single "Indie". The single was produced by Steve Hillage. Blair was asked to perform on their video and it's to much of Blair's chagrin, that she was not allowed to appear because MCA would not allow her to. Or so she was told by the 'then' management.

Robert Plant was introduced to a song that Blair had sung when she was with The Rest is History called, "Heaven Knows" by Virgin Publishing. He recorded it and took in into the UK top 40 in January 1988 as part of his multi-platinum "Now & Zen" album. It's such a small circle the 'music business'! In later years Blair did some work for Robert's girlfriend and songstress Najma Akhtar and some collaborative media music with guitarist Doug Boyle who replaced Jimi Page during "Now & Zen".

Blair met Swiss programmer Philipp Erb during a Rest is History session. In the 90's he and Blair would form Oui 3, but their first joint task was to contribute to an album by French band Uno. This album featured various guest vocalists of which Blair was one. Other singers included Jimmy Somerville and Billy MacKenzie of The Associates.
Blair and Philipp eventually worked with Billy again. Through Philipp, Blair had met producer Ken Thomas and she was asked to sing some BV's along side Chrissie Hynde and Jane County on the Johnny Thunders and Patti Palladin's "Copy Cats" album. Blair has always had a fascination with the 'Warhol set' and the American Punk generation of the New York Dolls.

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